Yachts Valuation

What is My Yacht Worth?

The team at Merrill-Stevens Yachts has decades of experience buying, selling, and working on boats, yachts, and superyachts. To determine the value of your yacht, the MS Yachts team works with a professional surveyor to perform a “Condition & Valuation” survey (C&V survey). The MS Yachts team also has access to what similar boats have sold for, which is important information that can help power the sale of your vessel.

You can rest assured that you will receive an accurate valuation of your yacht, which is your first step towards successfully selling your yacht. Enter your information below to start today.

Fair Market Evaluation

Let the experts help you determine the fair market value of your yacht. If you are interested in selling your yacht, please visit our Sell Your Yacht page here to learn more about the brokerage services of Merrill-Stevens Yachts.

A World Leader in Yacht Brokerage

Merrill-Stevens Yachts is the yacht brokerage arm of RMK Merrill-Stevens, the full-service Miami-based shipyard. As one of the premier U.S. yacht brokerage firms, Merrill-Stevens Yachts is dedicated to servicing the needs of the most discerning of yachting buyers & sellers – you!

RMK Merrill-Stevens is dedicated to the refit and repair of the world’s finest yachts and vessels.